Having been in the nuclear industry as well as an Air Force veteran, I have spent most of my 33 yr. career doing critical thinking, problem solving and communicating with a wide demographic of people. I retired from Nuclear Operations last fall but was in no way ready to sit on the sidelines.

I received my Home Inspection training at Chattanooga State, taught by the “Home Inspection Institute” in Cincinnati, OH. I received my State License # 976, created “Witt Home Inspections LLC”, and have obtained the proper E & O and General Liability Insurance.

This is not a franchise; I have started this venture from scratch and it will run to my expectations. Each Inspection and Report will be to inform the client in a timely and accurate presentation, of the physical structure of the property they have hired me to inspect. All properties are to be inspected and reports done according to the Standards and the Tennessee Code of Ethics. I can only survive on satisfaction from the client and the agent. As my company grows with employees and other services, I want to assure
you that I will be your direct contact.

With over a thirty year history of my family being in the Construction and Real Estate business I am aware it is not a 9 to 5 career. I do not expect mine to be either. My hours are what you need them to be for your client. I understand that when the ink is still wet on the contract, that time is of the essence. I will promise a complete licensed inspection within 24 hrs. of the agreed inspection time.

As a new business I would like to focus a larger percentage of Home Inspections to be obtained by the seller. I would like to see more agents focus on convincing their sellers to have a home inspection completed at the time of listing, so you the REALTOR® have a professional presentation available during showings and open houses. If the buyer accepts this completed licensed inspection, it would save the agents and their client’s
precious time during an already hectic process. The completed inspection would also have already identified any defects and corrected them.

I am excited to have the privilege to be working with you and helping you in your real estate closures. I hope to win your trust and that you will add me as a recommended Home Inspector to your clients.

I am looking forward to working with you soon.


Mark K. Witt

Owner / Operator

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